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Mijn Hypotheekdossier

Overview project


DAK Intermediairs collectief


Mortgage & Loans

Background project

Today, consumers are increasingly provided with online means to arrange their mortgage, whether or not in conjunction with the mortgage advisor. Unfortunately, it is not easy for independent advisory firms to make such investments in order to keep up with the rapid developments in the industry.

In the spirit of collective entrepreneurship, DAK asked Yellowtail to develop a hybrid online mortgage environment where financial advisors collaborate with their clients on a mortgage application. DAK considers it important that the customer journey in the online mortgage environment for both the customer and the advisor is put down very strong. With Yellowtail as a full-service partner, years of experience and domain knowledge in the field of mortgage processes and digital user experience, have been used in the implementation of the portal.

Project goal

The goal of the project was clear from the start: to show the market that the independent intermediary can also participate in the digital age. The mortgage environment should offer generic functionality, but should be adaptable to the intermediary's own look & feel. In addition, commissioning the mortgage environment had to be so simple, that it must be arranged whilst having a phone call with DAK.

Final result

The challenge of the project was to create the most effective customer journey as possible, which facilitates the various business processes of both the advisor offices, DAK and the affiliated providers. For the implementation of the online mortgage environment, extensive research was carried out into both the wishes of the consumer and the wishes of the mortgage advisor. We also worked closely with the DAK's Mid-Office package supplier (Unitrust), in order to connect to HDN's messaging. For the entire solution, our data aggregation platform CORD Finance was used as the foundation for the underlying business logic, data- storage and transformation as well as the integration with the DAK CRM system, Ockto, Adviesbox, and MyView.

Involved Yellowtailers

Monica Stoica


Robert Langerak


Jasmin Grzybeck

Managing Consultant

Gert Vasse


Craig Neill

Principal Consultant

Coen Vermeer

Front-end Developer

Bram Peulers

Visual Designer

Kaoutar Sakaqui

Business Consultant

Mijn Hypotheekdossier

'Mijn Hypotheekdossier' is now available for customers that want to freely orientate on a mortgage or want to prepare their mortgage consult fast and online . With the help of Ockto it's now very simple for customers to fill in their financial data without any help of the mortgage advisor. The portal is also build as a medium through which the customer can securely share his personal data, share required documents with the adviser and finally follow the progress of his mortgage. In addition, a separate environment has been built for the financial consultant to receive the personal data and documents within a secure network and finally send them to the service provider. In this way, the mortgage advisor has more time available for the actual advice. This by eliminating paperwork. In the end the consumer has a lot more guidance and insight into his mortgage thanks to Mijn hypotheekdossier.

Marc de Ruijter - Manager Hypotheken

We chose Yellowtail because of their specialisation in online customer journeys and because of their excellent track record in building online mortgage portals.