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RoboFin focuses on the robotization of customer journeys and processes.

Deep learning, chatbots, machine learning, conversational interfaces and RPA’s. Terms that you hear a lot these days within organisations. Robotization quickly determines how we organise things. Parties such as Amazon and Google are constantly researching how they can execute complex challenges using smart algorithms. Smart Algorithms can for example support doctors in interpreting scans, let cars drive  and are part of home-devices that respond to your preferences at home.

Within the financial services sector, robotization is increasingly determining the digital agenda of companies. Today’s companies mainly focus on automating standardised work, which can save a lot of time. That saved-up time can be spend on getting to know the customer portfolio or the customers wants and needs using the already existing data.


Yellowtail has launched RoboFin in which knowledge of financial services and the newest techniques come together. RoboFin focuses on the robotization of customer journeys and processes, making use of the newest techniques, such as Machine Learning and RPAs. RoboFin helps financials to innovate in its digital financial services in order to ultimately allow the consumer to do more by himself.

Yellowtail combines its product Cord Finance with Ockto, and uses among others, Machine Learning to gain more insight into customer behaviour. We differ from other parties by making the business issue very small and to come up with the first results within a few weeks. With RoboFin, we want to show that everyone can get started with Robotization.

A number of RoboFin cases:

  • Categorisation of mortgage customers into risk groups to enable customers to:
    • operate better in mortgage management;
    • serve consumers faster in their request.
  • Robo advice pilots for:
    • Starters in the mortgage market;
    • Customers with interest-only mortgages.

Curious about what RoboFin can do for your organisation?

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