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Craig Neill

Principal Consultant

Waar hou jij je mee bezig binnen Yellowtail?

My role at Yellowtail is a multi-faceted role with a large focus on providing technical leadership and architectural design across our range of Financial services and products. I bring my 18+ years’ experience in the Software Development industry, and help Yellowtail and their clients, work together to find the right solutions for specific financial related business problems, whilst taking into account latest trends, performance and security. 

Wat weten wij nog niet over jou?

I am a former session musician and documentary film maker, adventure junkie and love travel. I have travelled on my motorbike through Africa, New Zealand and Europe. I am also a home beer brewer.

Waar verbaas jij je regelmatig over?

Just when you think technology cannot get any faster, smaller or smarter, it does! I am amazed what the human race is accomplishing everyday, from space exploration to the size and power of smartphones. I am also amazed at how gullable people can be using social media

Wie ben jij in een projectteam?

I work across projects as an advisor and architectural designer. My role is to assist the project teams determine what the technical solution will be to support the projects outcomes. I assist the project teams in identifying the correct questions to ask and to gather the correct information that the technical team require. This then gets sent to the technical team to deliver the solution.


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