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CSR Yellowtail

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a broad concept. Through its CSR policy, Yellowtail strives for synergy between social/sustainable entrepreneurship and the core values of Yellowtail. The three pillars of our CSR policy are: Social responsibility, Sustainability and vitality. Within these three pillars, each year we choose organisations and activities that are similar to our organisation. 

Social responsibility

In addition to our annual support to the Finance run, this year we have chosen to support two organisations that have personal meaning to some of our employees: the Plastic Soup Foundation and Niños de Guatemala.  

Plastic Soup Foundation 

Since 2019, Yellowtail is ‘Gold Tier Business Angel’ of the Plastic Soup Foundation. The Plastic Soup Foundation is a Dutch organisation that supports all possible solutions and initiatives worldwide that help to reduce the Plastic Soup. This year, we will not only actively participate in cleaning up plastic, but we will also organise events to raise awareness for the Plastic Soup Foundation and possibly inspire others to do the same. 

Niños de Guatemala

Yellowtail also sponsors the Niños de Guatemala foundation this year. This Dutch foundation provides education for underprivileged children in Antigua, Guatemala. This is now done through two primary schools and one secondary school, allowing more than 500 Guatemalan children to go to school. This year, Yellowtail contributes to the further development of Niños de Guatemala by reimbursing all costs for one computer science teacher for the whole year. 


Internally, we continuously take steps to reduce our own footprint. For example, we have introduced a lease scheme aimed at more economical cars, and electric cars are now also among the choices. In the office, we carried out a plastic scan together with the Plastic Soup Foundation. With this scan, we have shown where and how much plastic and other packaging material we use. The result is that we will separate all the waste and try to produce less waste. For example, the cans of Spa Red have been replaced by a Quooker. 

Sustainability is also being worked on in other areas. For example, we are working on making an inventory of current lighting and its consumption, in order to work towards a more sustainable and economical alternative. In addition, we are well on our way to becoming a paperless office. For example, we cancelled the subscriptions to magazines and we will phase out one of the two printers. 


We do not only want to do our bit externally, internally we believe it is extremely important that employees feel happy and vital. In the area of (mental and physical) vitality for employees, a number of initiatives were launched last year. Three weekly workshops were organised with topics such as stress, positive thinking, nutrition and sleep. In addition, every Yellowtailer has a vitality budget to use as desired. This budget is related to the vitality goals that every Yellowtailer has set for the coming years. The progress of these goals is regularly discussed with a buddy. Finally, we regularly organize bootcamps on Friday afternoon, where everyone can join.