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Innovative IT solutions for large companies & government

Yellowtail was founded in 2003 and is part of Conclusion since 2020. Yellowtail delivers innovative IT solutions to large companies and governments, by successfully combining consultancy services, software development – management and new venture management. The management team is formed by: Matthijs Mons, Robin Bouman, Mark Leck and Edwin Lodder.

Consultancy and software development

Yellowtail started as a consultancy organisation and focused primarily on the financial and public domain. The organisation soon grew into a group of professional and distinctive advisors who were able to successfully carry out projects for large customers. Yellowtail Consulting was expanded in 2005 with Yellowtail Software, which has its own development centres in Cape Town and India.

Own products

Through the combination of consultancy and software development, Yellowtail has everything to come up with innovative concepts, but also to develop and make them work. In recent years, we have launched some successful products such as: Cord Finance and Key Control Dashboard.

Fresh ideas – Proven results

Yellowtail is known like no other for its powerful combination of innovation and realisation capacity. This is deeply rooted in our DNA and here lies the core of what connects our people and our customers. Driven people work throughout the group with a strong focus on understanding consumer behaviour. People who are disturbed by sub-optimal processes and from there are focused on improvement and innovation. At the same time, we are like no other for substantive capacity, combining in-depth business, process and IT expertise and a strong result drive, which means that we have now built up a large track record of successful implementations.


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