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Overview project




Financial advice/insight

Background project

American citizens are a great example when it comes to self-service. Consumers don’t know any better than to take care of themselves; there is little to no state support for matters such as mortgages and pensions. The increasing demand for do-it-yourself tools, in combination with the rise of the robo-consultants and the acquisition of PFP software house Figlo by Advicent, was the reason for Advicent to develop a new proposition on wealth management and robo-advice.

Project goal

The goal of the project was to design holistic financial planning in such a way that it is easy to understand for the average American consumer. It was essential to find the best balance between simplicity, comprehensibility and functionality. Bira Thanabalasingam, Head of UX Design: "The design we've come up with makes it easier to process information and make important decisions. We want to engage customers and induce positive emotions regarding financial planning. To do so, we combined creative design and our domain knowledge with the correct practice of the "Dual Process" theory, which is the most important piece of science about how people think and act.

Final result

Steven Lamb, Senior Product Marketing Consultant at Advicent Solutions:" We selected Yellowtail for this project because of their previous experience and partnership with Figlo in designing and implementing financial planning tooling. Their familiarity with the Narrator™ platform was also a great advantage. It soon became clear that this allowed us to increase the time to market considerably. The next step is integrating it into our services."

Involved Yellowtailers

Birashant Thanabalasingham

Head of UX team

Coen Vermeer

UX designer & Front-end developer

Wealth management dashboard

Yellowtail Experience Design supported Advicent with creating and designing the wealth management dashboard and the development of a solid working demo. With the dashboard consumers can specify their goals, aggregate existing accounts and monitor actively so they can act where needed. They are always assisted and advised by a robo advisor.