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Toekomst Verkenner

Overview project




Pensions and Capital

Background project

Compared to previous years the majority of Dutch people have to work more years until they reach retirement. This is also the case in the health care sector. PGGM is responsible for administering the pension schemes for the "Zorg & Welzijn pension fund"(PFZW). Given that working in the health care sector asks a lot of people, both physically and mentally, there are concerns with the members, employers and the pension fund about vitality throughout their working life. As one gets older, the physically demanding work frequently results in physical complaints with an increased risk of work incapacity and high costs for the pension fund. The underlying question of the project is therefore: How can we help the PFZW participants to a happy and vital retirement?

Together with PGGM, we developed the ‘Toekomst Verkenner’ for the participants of the "Zorg & Welzijn pension fund" (PFZW). An online integral platform that gives participants an integral insight in their household financial situation within five minutes. It also enables them to make choices regarding early retirement or reduced working hours.

Project goal

Giving participants of PFZW insight into their situation when wanting to work less or retiring early and encouraging them to do something with this information.

Final result

The ‘Toekomst Verkenner’ is developed to make PFZW participants aware of the fact that it is actually possible to work less or retire sooner. The explorer answers the question: "Is it possible for me to work less or retire early?". This is done by comparing the current financial situation with the scenarios retirement, working less and stopping before retirement. Within the financial situation, the income, expenses, capital, home, and in the case of pensions, pillars 1 to 4 are taken into account. This is done for the entire household. The participant has access to all necessary data within 5 minutes, using the Ockto app.
After thorough customer research, we decided to let participants start via a chat flow and lead them step by step, in order to ultimately provide them with total insight into a dashboard. Within this dashboard, "playing" with the working less and stopping before retirement scenarios has a major role. Yellowtail has been involved in the project as a full-service partner. This means that also our UX & Design department has been involved in the customer surveys and that we have taken care of a large part of the final implementation, both technical and functional. In addition, the Yellowtail solution CORD Finance is used as a foundation for the integration, business logic, data storage and data transformation.

Involved Yellowtailers

Robin Bouman


Jan Marten van Seijst

Managing Consultant

Daniel Veenhoven


Marijn de Granada

Senior Consultant

Frank Levering


Joel Scholten


Birashanth Thanabalasingam

Head of UX Design

Bram Peulers

Visual Designer

Sarah El Haouari

UX Designer

Ravian Arp


Craig Neill

Managing Consultant

Coen Vermeer

Front-end Developer

De Toekomstverkenner

Robin Bouman – Partner at Yellowtail: “Enabling the consumer to get integrated financial insight, is one of the focal points for Yellowtail.” With the explorer, which we build for the PFZW participants, we definitely comply to this point. We from Yellowtail are thus very happy and proud that we were able to achieve this result in collaboration with PGGM, PFZW, Ortec Finance and Ockto.

Thomas Laffree - Director Innovation & Research: “The participants of our customer Pensioenfonds Zorg & Welzijn carry out heavy work and have signalled that due to the increasing AOW (social security) age, it will not be possible for them to work until retirement date. PFZW is concerned about this and has asked PGGM to find a solution to help participants retire vital. Using the future explorer, we give them total financial insight including the possibilities for early or part time retirement. From the start of this project, we have worked as one team with Yellowtail and PGGM. De combination of drive, short lines, loads of knowledge and new technology has led to this result of this ground-breaking solution for our customer.