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Provide the customer with quick and easy insight into the possibilities for a mortgage and the associated costs

Overview project





Background project

In 2015 Triodos Bank and Yellowtail started a project to optimise Triodos Bank's mortgage chain. Besides efficiency gains, the aim was to offer customers a better customer journey and to give them more control . Together we created a mortgage flow based on Figlo advice software. Among other things, this mortgage flow consists of an orientation tool giving the customer insight into mortgage possibilities and costs. By not discarding data, but using it in the inventory portal, the customer does not have to duplicate any work. By filling in his data in the inventory portal, the advice software for the financial advisor is pre-filled directly, which saves both of them significant amount of time. I addition the consumer also saves €300 on the advice costs.

Project goal

On the one hand, efficiency gains, on the other hand, offer the customer a better customer journey and giving them more control in the process of arranging a mortgage.

Final result

  • Orientation tool: Using the orientation tool, the customer can quickly and easily gain insight into the possibilities for a mortgage and the associated costs.
  • Inventory portal: Enables the customer to fill in his/her own data. By doing this, the customer saves up on consultancy costs and the advisor had more time for the actual advice. The data entered in the inventory portal are automatically pre-filled in the advice software of the Triodos advisor.
  • HDN link: As soon as the customer wants to apply for a mortgage, it can be quickly transferred to Stater's Mid Office system via HDN.
  • Implementation consultancy software: Figlo has been implemented as new mortgage advice software.
  • Various reports in the look & feel of Triodos (orientation, inventory, advisory report)

Involved Yellowtailers

Florine Reinders

Managing Consultant

Jeffry Snippe

Managing Consultant

Marijn de Granada

Senior Consultant

Daniel van den Boorn


Klantgerichte hypotheekoplossing

Robin Bouman, partner at Yellowtail: “We are proud of the great collaboration we had with Triodos Bank. Despite the short timeframe we created a solution of which we can be very proud. During the project, we continuously connected and found solutions for the challenges we found along the way. The result is a customer focussed mortgage solution in which Triodos propositions are highlighted well.