Yellowtail Conclusion announced today that it has acquired ADPI, the innovative mortgage SaaS platform for financial lenders and brokers, from founder Maarten Tellegen and investor Beekers Capital. With the addition of the ADPI SaaS platform, Yellowtail Conclusion owns the full suite of components to create an efficient digital mortgage process – from initial customer contact to active portfolio management.

Matthijs Mons, Managing Director of Yellowtail Conclusion, says: ‘With ADPI alongside our existing components, we now have by far the most modern, innovative, and secure SaaS platform in the financial advice market. Having the innovative ADPI platform as part of Yellowtail Conclusion’s sound environment is a truly unique combination. It also means that we are very close to fulfilling our dream of developing the advisory platform of the future.’ 

Maarten Tellegen, ADPI’s founder, explains: ‘For us, Yellowtail Conclusion is the ideal acquisition partner. Yellowtail’s industry reach will accelerate ADPI’s growth in the market for brokers, service providers, and financial lenders alike. In addition, Yellowtail’s professional organization guarantees the stability and innovative power needed to continue offering the most advanced software package in the market. A win-win situation for all involved.’

ADPI will be integrated in Yellowtail Conclusion and continue as Hypact Advisor from that point onwards. ADPI will become part of the full Hypact Suite which includes Hypact, Online Advies, Hypact Hub, and Hypact HypotheekAssist. This means that Yellowtail Conclusion will be able to serve all parties in the mortgage chain: from independent adviser through service provider to financial lender. ADPI’s founder Maarten Tellegen and his team will remain involved, and Maarten will continue to manage the company in the future. The operational teams will work closely with one another to ensure a smooth transition. ADPI’s existing customers can be assured that their ongoing projects and contracts will be continued without interruption. 

This combination will benefit from optimal industry knowledge and an extensive pool of talented resources, and the synergies between the two companies will help promote further growth and innovation. 

About ADPI
A revolution for mortgage brokers. ADPI is an all-in-one package that gives brokers online access via the Cloud to tools and functionalities such as CRM, Advice, Management, Communication, Data Access, Comparison, Invoicing, My environments for the customer, Brokerage, and various Alerts, all with a single licence. The package can be purchased in its entirety or as modules and ADPI brings together all processes in one system in the Cloud, ensuring that mortgage advice, brokerage, and management can be provided many times faster.

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