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Digital Professionals

Our enthusiastic consultants, developers and designers can be deployed immediately.

More often we see that our customers are facing challenges with putting new online propositions in the market, whilst realisation knowledge and available resources are lacking. The competitors’ fast time-to-market makes this challenge even bigger.

Yellowtail Digital Professionals is happy to offer the solution. Our enthusiastic consultants, developers and designers are directly deployable and have extensive experience in realising online customer propositions. They like to share this experience with others. We believe that our in-depth domain knowledge, 15 years of experience and hands on mentality make the difference. We therefor live up to and deliver our motto ‘Fresh ideas, Proven results, for our customers every day.

Are you immediately looking for temporary expansion of your team or do you want to know more about our digital professionals? Take a look at our profiles on the ‘People’ page or contact:

Matthijs Mons–

Robin van den Burg, former Managing Director at Aegon Bemiddeling The Yellowtail consultants are solution-oriented and have a pragmatic approach. They work using the Scrum-methodology, in which progress is discussed every day and the risks are mapped out. This way, adjustments can be made from day to day and the progress of the project is well monitored.”

Arjan Hessels, Manager Innovation & Digitalisation, Stater: “We and our Accello participants enjoy working with Yellowtail. Yellowtail builds an important bridge between the changing wishes and requirements of consumers & advisors when it comes to the front-end and the integration to the mid- & back office systems. Together we are able to optimise and innovate the entire mortgage chain. As the largest mortgage service provider in the Netherlands, we want to be at the forefront of the latest developments in the field of digitalisation. Yellowtail understands this world like no other”.


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