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Mortgages and Loans

Omni-channel mortgage service concepts are becoming the new standard.

A great part of today’s consumers expect to (partly) arrange and close their mortgage online and in a few easy steps.

This saves them time, money and a lot of unnessesary difficulty. Therefore omnichannel mortgage service -concepts become the new standard for financials to meet their consumers expectations. Not only in the mortage acceptance phase, but also in maintaining cosumer satisfaction .

We therefore specialize in innovation and optimization of the mortgage processes. Whether it is the application process or the development of an innovative DevOps management system.

Ingredients for digital and data-driven service concepts:

Digital self-service and robo-advice

Today’s consumer is becoming more self-reliant. For example, whilst orienting for a funding request. However, in many cases consumers still benefit from advise, both during the closing process and in the term of a funding. Digital self-service and robo-advice offer the solution. In which an important role remains, for example for consultants, who can now focus more on the advice part. Easy for the consumer and efficient for the lender.

With our Yellowtail developed chat bot, we are able to support the consumer better than anyone, on all kinds of issues in both the application and maintenance phase. For this we combine the newest technology such as Machine learning and Robotics Process Automation with smart data and the consumers personal situation.

Data driven acceptance

It is becoming increasingly accessible to unlock all kinds of data from external sources, such as government data and banking transaction data (PSD2). This is possible with the Ockto app, for example. By using external source data, the processing time for funding applications is greatly reduced and physical documents are a thing of the past.

For lenders a data driven strategy calls for change in all parts of the organization such as operations, marketing, sales and IT. With our innovative HYPAR proposition (Mortgage Acceptance Realtime) we help providers to realise this transition in an efficient and effective way.

Data driven active servicing

For a long time there has been less attention for a modern interpretation of mortgage- or credit portfolio management. Due part to increasing regulatory attention there is a switch happening from a transactional customer relationship to a sustainable one. With our data-driven active servicing platform, MyMortgage, we offer lenders the ability to give their customers a real time integrated overview and insight into their financial situation. However, active servicing does not stop at insight. With MyMortgage consumers are able to take action by themselves when the situation demands it. 

Development of front-end, software and platforms

Our UX and UI designers create the optimal balance between design and effectiveness. We apply gamification and psychological models in the field of behavioural influencing, which make it easier to process information and make important decisions. Using the service concept and the design we execute client tests, and then start with the development and integration of your website, app, request- or management portal. In many cases, we can accelerate such projects enormously thanks to our data application CORD Finance.

Besides, we unburden a growing group of customers by completely taking care of both functional and technical management and hosting.

Curious about our work?

As business- and IT consultancy specialist, we have successfully carried out projects the past few years for various players in the mortgage market (including Argenta, ABN Amro, BijBouweTriodos Bank, DAK, Lloyds Bank, ObvionIndepender,, Volksbank and Stater) in the field of process renewal and optimisation. On this page you can read more about our partnerships with customers.

Also take the step to digital and data-driven propositions!

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