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Marc Bertrandias

Senior Consultant

Waar hou jij je mee bezig binnen Yellowtail?

If there’s a software related problem, I am here to find a solution. I help build components for various parties and make sure that you are satisfied with the delivery.

Wat weten wij nog niet over jou?

I have coached and played semi-professionally on a video game – League of Legends.

Waar verbaas jij je regelmatig over?

Prolific piano players. After years of practice, I still need hours on end in order to decipher a sheet. People that can read whilst playing never ceases to instill awe.

Wie ben jij in een projectteam?

My role is the IT specialist. I help estimate how long an IT related task will take either frontend or backend. I will also make sure to explain on a functional level what has been done and what yet needs to be done during a project.