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A complete mix of relevant domain knowledge and the competencies to really realise a solution.

Are you struggling with the management of complex infrastructures? Difficulties in delivering new functionalities quickly and continuously? Yellowtail has the solution!

Do you still think of IT management in terms of master charts? Fortunately things have changed, for the better! IT Management is rapidly transforming into advanced IT management called: DevOps. With DevOps, we combine software development (Dev) with operational management (Ops). This means that during (further) development of applications we take into account the stability of the operation and the efficient execution of management tasks.

Evolvements in managing infrastructure and application hosting follow each other quickly. We also see this trend with applications in the pension, capital and mortgage markets.

Many organisations have ambitions to use these changing technologies and methodologies, but have difficulty in setting them up. When they are supported in setting up DevOps, they will benefit from more efficient further development and fast delivery of components (CI/CD). Altogether, this results in a more reliable delivery, in close alignment with the organisation’s current business objectives. 

Yellowtail masters the DevOps discipline within the financial domain for some years now. For various clients we have been taking care of the realisation, further development and management of applications. To achieve this, we have set up a dedicated management team named: NEXT. The team consists of a mix of experienced consultants and Young Professionals who ensure stable applications combined with continuous delivery of new functionalities. In addition, they stimulate optimal use and activation of target groups.

Soon you will be able to read more about our expertise in the field of our DevOps discipline on this page and we will show you examples through customer cases. 

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